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Bid List for Blacksmith Door and Window Hardware
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Hello Blacksmiths,


I am the construction manager for a project to build six log and frame buildings of the 1830 era as an outdoor exhibit at the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, located just west of Houston on I-10.  The project is privately funded and managed by the non-profit Friends of the Texas Historical Commission.  All purchases for the project are exempt from sales tax.  For more information on our historic site, see:


Attached is a description of hand-forged building hardware needed for these buildings.  We seek authentic blacksmith-made door and window hardware for this project, based on documented examples from our own archeological excavations as well as the bidder's knowledge of late 18th and early 19th century ironwork.


This list is not an "all or nothing" bid, but rather orders may be placed with one or more vendors for portions of the items on the list.  If you don't wish to make a certain item, leave it blank and you may still receive an order for other items.  If you have photographs of similar items you have made, please submit them with the bid to showcase your skill.  There will need to be some fine-tuning of details, like hinge off-sets and such, but that will be done once a vendor has been selected for each item.


Deadline for submission of bids:  Friday, April 17, 2020.


Deadline for delivery of hardware:  August 1, 2020.


Shipping/Freight to be at actual cost.  There is a place on the bid submission for crating or packing costs, if any, to be factored into your bid price.  Orders will be placed and payments made by our General Contractor, Forney Construction of Houston.  


There will also be a bid list distributed this summer for blacksmith-made furnishings and tools, with delivery by January 29, 2021.  If you would like to receive that list, please let me know.


Given the unsettled times, I ask that each of you reply and let me know you received the email.  I welcome questions and an indictor whether you plan to submit a bid.  This will save us all from wasted efforts of unneeded follow up.


Best wishes to each of you in this difficult time.





Michael R. Moore

Moore Consulting & Contracting, Inc.

Construction Manager-Adviser

Friends of the Texas Historical Commission


27119 S. Karaugh Dr.

Richmond, TX 77406



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